NY Digital Marketing Authority for Technology

As a top NY Digital Marketing Authority for the “Tech” Technology industry, Matthew Lee is New York’s premier Digital Marketing Authority with the experience to prove it!

Matt has developed advanced Digital Marketing, Content & Copywriting Strategies for the Technology Industry that position Tech Organizations and Stakeholders in a manner that connects all of the dots in an easy to understand approach for new customers and search engines.

Matt is not only a top NY Digital Marketing Authority for Technology, but is also in the process of developing a cutting edge National Healthcare platform for Hospitals & Doctors to more easily attract & connect with patients and potential customers.

Matt as a NY Digital Marketing Authority has almost 20 years of intimate knowledge and experience in all aspects of Digital Marketing that ensure search engines properly index and rank client’s web pages to produce a continuous stream of targeted and qualified traffic. As one of New York’s most in-demand Digital Marketing Authorities Matthew Lee is no stranger when it comes to working with businesses as Matthew Lee has over 17 years of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experience, over 20 years of business and management experience.